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There is no time for cut-and-dried monotony. There is time for work and there is time for love. That leave no other time. -Coco Chanel

There is no tim…


We all know the saying “lady in the streets, freak in the sheets”. Yes it’s cliché but couldn’t be more accurate. Despite what he might say, your man wants you to be desired. He wants to know that every man in the room would kill him and ditch his body just to get at you, but at the end of the night he’s the one pulling your hair and spanking your ass. That being said he doesn’t want to be undermined either. If you dress like a hoe and can’t hold your liquor, you’ll be getting stares all right, but the kind that will leave his member comparable to angel hair pasta. It’s great to be the fun girlfriend but to an extent. There’s no need to be getting shit faced and drinking like the bros. Which brings me to another point, NEVER under ANY circumstances remove your shoes in public. I can’t even begin to explain how much this erks me. Not only is that disgusting and unsanitary as fuck but you can get your pedicure seriously messed up, by someone like me. I WILL make my way over to you and crush your toes into the ground with my stilettos. So if you’re some dumb hoe that does this and you see me in the club run. Fast.


If you don’t want to invest in decent enhancers or don’t have the cash for a boob job here’s some of my favorite options for real lingerie. Not the kind that can be mistaken for floatation devices with glitter slapped on, real lingerie, the kind that can put his little blue pill out of business and will have you walking crooked for a week.  -Scarlett

  • Hauty
  • Patrice Catanzaro
  • Fatale by s|m
  • Baci
  • Something Wicked

Lesson 1: Toys

Toys aren’t only for kinky perverts that frequent viewing rooms, people its 2013, if you want to stay loyal you must invest. Yes you read that correctly, toys WILL keep you loyal. Let’s face it, neither of you can be there every time a need arises, so instead of sneaking around only to end up as a fuck n’ chuck with a guilty conscience, get on it. Let’s keep it real people, as amazing as their parts might be, the same part for too long loses its mystery. If you know there’s a light brown freckle at the base of his shaft get yourself a fucking purple pearl dildo. Not all toys are fun though; some really are for the view room pervs. Here’s a list of brands and types of toys that will leave you parts throbbing for days. And no, despite what you might think, brands DO matter. I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences that left kitty trembling in the corner, and not the good kind of trembling, the “why the fuck am I burning kind”, not okay.
– Scarlett

• Pearl Royal
• Lelo
• Betony Vernon
• Dave Stewart
• JCobra

What makes you Fatale?

As of now I’ve lived a pretty crazy life and I’m completely unapologetic for it. I’ve never cared about how people perceive me, I’m your quintessential hate or love personality. Get Rich, Sleep till noon, fuck em’ all.

I’ve worked in lingerie for 10 years. Not only do I have a rather extensive collection but I know exactly how to please and be pleased with my pieces. Despite what you might think, lingerie is not only for men, to be honest they want it off faster than you can swipe that black Amex with what could be a sizable mortgage payment. I on the other use lingerie for seduction, and the most important person to seduce is myself. With the right piece I could put a mountain lion to shame. He won’t know what hit him but he’ll want more. I’ve dragged my stilettos over a few crossed eyed drooling messes in my time.

This blog is in no way, shape or form a relationship self-help blog (that’s just offensive) but ladies, with sex being so readily available and every slut and her mom wanting to jump on you man’s dick, you need to keep his eyes on you.

When you have a man’s mind you have him where you want him, and where is his mind? First in his pants, there are no exceptions. Trust me, once he is king in bed, then you are queen of his world. Listen, I’m an alpha female but in bed the man needs to dominate. He’ll take care of you, just let him be a man and take what’s his. So educate yourself, get sexy and thank me later.

Embrace your naughty side. Be Fatale.

Embrace your na…